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One To Watch- Triple Two Coffee

Triple Two Coffee are taking Swindon by storm, founded in 2105, the growth of Triple Two Coffee is impressive to say the least. Their knowledge of the industry and passion for excellent quality coffee has resulted in notable growth over a short period of time. This, is a new era of coffee.

It all began at the Brunel Centre in Swindon.  It is here that their passion for excellent quality, freshly made coffee as well as an endeavour to find high quality ingredients for their ever expanding food menu began.  This resulted in, just four months later, the opening of their 3000sq.ft flagship store also in Swindon.

Alongside these huge achievements Triple Two Coffee now looks set to conquer the franchising market.  Where their passion for great coffee and handmade fresh food, alongside an excellent infrastructure of support all results in a great recipe for success.

Triple Two Coffee has been described ‘as a great alternative to modern chains’ and this is definitely something the owners of Triple Two Coffee set out to achieve.  Over the years, their experiences of eating and drinking out in existing coffee shops has resulted in a coffee shop to rival many in London.  Triple Two Coffee offer a varied menu including a variety of gluten free and vegan options as well as coffee alternatives such as an assortment of herbal teas.  As well as Nutella Mochas, cappuccinos and lattes all crafted by expertly trained baristas.

Triple Two Coffee has also benefited from the talents of a multi award winning designer who helped to create an exciting and contemporary space.  Also in a nod to the local area, Triple Two Coffee has cleverly incorporated Swindon’s railway heritage into their logo and interior design.  The people of Swindon are more than happy with this ‘breath of fresh air’ and have given it rave reviews online.  Noting their happy, highly trained staff, expertly brewed coffee and ambience as just a few of the reasons why they keep on going back. 

We speak to David Hodgetts, one of the founders of Triple Two Coffee.  He explains why Triple Two Coffee is the best new coffee franchise around. 

Tell us about Triple Two Coffee

Triple Two Coffee is a new era of coffee and we aim to deliver excellence in everything we do, with no deviation!  Our endeavour is to provide a better quality coffee than our high street brands and provide fresh food with the best ingredients.  All of this is served alongside a modern, stylish and ground breaking interior design concept.

What inspired you to set up Triple Two Coffee?

We were inspired after spotting a huge gap in the market! Not naming any names, but we were regular coffee drinkers and used to drink at a number of different coffee shops. It took us 6 months to realise that actually what we were receiving was a poor cup of coffee, food with a 5 day shelf life, uninspiring customer service and the same old brands popping up everywhere! We spent months working with our award winning designer to decide on the name and motto and many more months sourcing the product from the right local sources and of course finding our coffee blend. This is also from a family coffee roaster but of course is top secret too! After nailing all of these pieces together we were as confident as we could be that we had a concept and product that would stand up against our competition, the likes of Costa, Pret, EAT and Starbucks being amongst them. If you check our social media reviews and general in store ambience, we believe that so far we have definitely achieved that.

What made you choose a franchise model?

We invested a huge figure upfront before the doors to Triple Two Coffee even opened. This went towards the brand, design, food layout and many other things. We always wanted to keep the model simple so as to set up the foundations that brands of 40-50 stores would potentially have.  These had to fit in within one umbrella and then offer all of that infrastructure out to other individuals and groups to become our partners.  Because we felt that all of the above was on point we came to the unanimous decision that we should franchise our model out and not waste time in doing so. However, the exciting point is that we will be aiming for all future stores that open to be even better and standout more than ours. We never stand still and will always be looking for that extra 0.1% as it makes a huge difference!

What makes Triple Two Coffee stand out?

The fresh, new branding and design also the fact that we offer speciality coffee without taking hours to make it and the quality of our food. Combine all these together and you have what we believe is the current pace setter in the industry. We are investors of people and are genuine about involving and evolving our current team, this is translated in the quality of experience our customers receive, which is proven by our social media ratings. We are also an independently run business, so we naturally care more about everything that goes on within this company!

What are the current trends in the coffee market?

Basically, a number of trends are aimed towards what we have created – the problem the massive brands have is they take so long to change. Therefore it will be a new era by the time they achieve anything. In the meantime we will have evolved with what the consumer wants.

How would you describe the market at the moment in terms of demand, competition and growth?
Demand is high, growth is high and competition is fierce. We like to keep things simple though in this industry. Over the course of the coming few years there will be a point where the coffee market may hit saturation point, but as long as you are the best of the bunch this won’t affect you, it will only impact the brands that cut corners and don’t offer the quality of experience customers are learning to expect. Also, a number of independent’s may then suffer, which is why franchising with a new era brand such as ours makes sense.

What makes Triple Two Coffee such a great franchise opportunity?

The fact that you can get the best of both worlds. On one side, you are buying into a brand that is new and not out of date and on the other side you are buying into a business with phenomenal infrastructure, including loyalty systems, design capabilities, a social media office, barista and chef training and much more. We are ambitious and aren’t afraid to roll out numerous outlets but at the same time we will never compromise on the quality of the franchisee, something that is usually music to a franchisees ears!

What are the advantages of a franchise with Triple Two Coffee?

Other than all of the above, we offer massive support package to all new stores opening, including assigned shop fitters, a world class designer at the ready and also the presence of one of the directors of Triple Two Coffee who will be onsite around the two weeks of the stores opening.
What are your plans for Triple Two Coffee for the rest of 2017?

We look set to be opening 6 sites this year and a further store abroad. To be boring though, most importantly we will continue to improve all aspects of our business so we keep up with the high expectations we have set ourselves!
For more information on opening a franchise with Triple Two Coffee you can visit 

Wednesday, 31st May, 2017
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