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As McDonalds closes its doors in Delhi Subway is reaping the benefits

Food to go sandwich chain Subway has seen an 5% rise in market share as 43 out of 55 McDonalds closed its doors in Delhi, according to a report by Kantar IMRB.

The closures come as the relationship between McDonalds and Connaught Plaza Restaurants (CPRL) broke down earlier this month, resulting in 169 CPRL owned restaurants facing closure as their right to use the McDonalds brand was revoked. 

The ban will commence on the 6th September – as the notice period reached its end on the 5th September - meaning that CPRL can no longer use the McDonalds system and its intellectual property.

Burger King and KFC have also experienced growth, with share’s rising at both outlets by 2%, but it is Subway that has seen the biggest rise of 5%. 

India is currently experiencing double digit growth across the QSR market as a whole, helped by new outlets in new markets and a surge in discount-driven footfall at shopping centres. The report also states that average bill size has increased by 8% across the market as a whole.

Wednesday, 6th September, 2017
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