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McDonald’s workers protest over poor pay

Nearly 200 people protested over poor pay and conditions in the first strike in the company’s history.

McDonalds opened its doors back in 1974 and yesterday for the first time almost 200 people gathered outside the houses of parliament to strike over controversial zero hour contracts and working conditions. 
Protesters consisted of union members and the public, 40 staff went on strike from two restaurants in Cambridge and Crayford, South-East London, they walked out over the global company’s use of zero-hour contracts and lack of union recognition. 

Speaking to The Guardian Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell joined in the protest.  He said; “These are workers who are extremely vulnerable in terms of their employment conditions. And yet at the same time they’ve had the courage to come on strike. They’ve said: ‘We’ve had enough and we need to negotiate.’

“If I was McDonald’s management I’d be listening very carefully today. I’d contact the union and I’d get round that table.”

As reported in The Guardian, a McDonald’s spokesman said the company was “providing our people with the option of a guaranteed hour contract, and all restaurants will have these contracts in place by the end of 2017”.
He said the company “and its franchisees had delivered three pay rises since April 2016, increasing the average hourly pay rate by 15%.”

“We are proud of our people at McDonald’s, they are at the heart of all we do and we work hard to ensure that our teams are treated fairly. Our internal processes underpin that commitment.”

Tuesday, 5th September, 2017
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