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Papa John’s launches brand-new ‘Papa’s Deep Crust’ pizza range

Pizza delivery company, Papa John’s is offering pizza lovers an indulgent take-away treat with the launch of ‘Papa’s Deep Crust’. Now available nationwide, the new deep crust pizza offers an appetite-satisfying feasting experience thanks to a new dough recipe which results in a thicker, mouth-watering cheese crust.

Papa John’s prides itself on using fresh ingredients, ensuring the use of fresh never frozen dough.  The specially formulated recipe features a buttery, seared crust for a fuller flavour and a light and fluffy deeper dough, almost double the depth of regular Papa John’s pizzas cooked in a specially designed pan, to offer an even more indulgent taste than before.

A new recipe tomato sauce has also been created, using Californian vine-ripened tomatoes which go from field to can in six hours. Added to this is a blend of signature spices and extra virgin olive oil which are then reduced to create a richer tasting sauce, complementing the new thicker base perfectly. Every ‘Papa’s Deep Crust’ pizza uses an extra cup of cheese, which is spread all the way to the edge of the dough to create a caramelised, crispy cheese crust. Each pizza is then completed with all the favourite pizza toppings, including fresh “store cut” vegetables.

‘Papa’s Deep Crust’ can be ordered with all the toppings available in the original Papa John’s range, including ‘half and half’ and ‘create your own’. 

Friday, 8th September, 2017
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